Margit Geitz, gaVerde

Long, long ago, our senior heads drove for the first time to Sindelfingen with our specialty spices. For over twenty years, we are apart of this family event and are always pleased that we can be there again, and when we see our trusted patrons of many years are healthy. The children of the children from back then look forward to a cucumber hors d'oeuvre or a small soup sample.

We know the very good times at “Weihnachtsbasar” as well as the somewhat quieter ones.

However, the event management has a lot of effort and also ideas to make the bazaar an interesting meeting place again: a fair that has its own charm through their straightforwardness and also comfort.

“Sindelfinger Weihnachtsbasar” is always a beautiful closure to our attendance of fairs for the year and if we can, we will come to Sindelfingen for many years.

Margit Geitz