“Water Worlds” arouse anticipation for “Fisch & Reptil”

27 August, 2014

Dennerle GmbH and Messe Sindelfingen will, for a week long, in the course of the event, “Water Worlds”, located in Breuningerland Ludwigsburg, be represented with big promotional stands.

Between 6-11 October, 2014, interested parties look forward to a comprehensive supporting program, with which the organizers want to “noticeably revitalize fish-keeping within the region”, like qualified-biologist Christian Homrighausen of Dennerle emphasizes. In cooperation with Messe Sindelfingen (organizers of the “Fisch und Reptil” fair), the marketing manager for Germany and Austria, along with his colleges, offer a program that exhibits comprehensive information about fish-keeping, as well as speeches and interactive elements.

Die "Wasserwelten" im Breuningerland Ludwigsburg wecken die Vorfreude auf die Fisch & Reptil 2014zoom

Eight aquariums take the visitors of Breuningerlands away to tropical under water worlds. From Nano to full-fledged home aquariums will be displayed in a broad spectrum of intriguing, live, water worlds.
For those that find the relaxing aquariums aren't enough, awaits a colorful supporting program for both big and small aquarium hobbyists.

A “walkable” aquarium offers the opportunity for extraordinary photographs.
“Fun for both big and small!” said Dr. Homrighausen.

But to inform especially about fish-keeping in general, Dennerle awaits on the day of the event with a number of speeches. Daily speeches under the idea “Fish-keeping experiences” take the visitors into the intriguing underwater worlds. On other days, Oliver Lindeman (professional in aquascaping) among others will display live tips and tricks for the optimal composition for aquascaping aquariums. Even world traveler of things fish-keeping, Chris Lukhaup will be there to bring the visitors closer to the intriguing fish-keeping hobby.
“We consider our engagement in Breuningerland as a very good preparation for the upcoming 'Fisch & Reptil' fair on 5-7 December in Sindelfingen,” said Ralph Hohenstein, manager of Messe Sindelfingen. Beyond that is the Breuningerland mall with a traffic flow of tens of thousands of people per week, an optimal platform to bring interested parties closer to the fish-keeping hobby in an entertaining way.

All information for “Fisch & Reptil” 2014 you'll find here.