Stamps as “little securities”?

03 October, 2014

In times of shaky financial markets and low interest rates, stamps as tangible assets continue to become more into focus for investors. Large sums will be paid for desired rarities. Nevertheless it is much to be considered.

Do you know which is the most expensive stamp in the world? It's the "British Guiana 1 cent Magenta" valued at 9.5 million dollars. Rarities such as the legendary "Blue Mauritius" or the Swedish "Treskilling Yellow" also achieved record values, and the famous Bavarian "One kreuzer black", in recent decades, has increased significantly in price.
But less prominent examples can be a stable investment with an outlook of positive performance. What makes a stamp a desirable collector's item is firstly how rare, how unique, and how exclusive it is.
The aesthetic design plays a role, since most buyers of stamps are lovers of beautiful motifs. Another crucial factor is the quality of a collection such as the mint, flawlessness, perfect perforation, clean postmark, among other criteria, but are different depending on the area of collection. Certificates of Authenticity protect against counterfeiting.

Those that are now considering to invest money in the form of stamps, should thoroughly inform themselves in advance and be prepared to invest, right from the start, in the quality of the collection. The philatelic market requires expertise, and its key players collect with hunting instinct and enthusiasm.

An important event in the scene in is just around the corner in Sindelfingen:
From October 23rd - 25th, collectors and enthusiasts meet again at “Internationalen Briefmarken-Börse” ("International Stamp Fair") at Messe Sindelfingen.
“Our Stamp Fair is considered to be the top event in the branch in Germany,” explains project manager, Martina Kaiser of Messe Sindelfingen, about the stamp fair being held for the 32nd time. “Traders from both in and out of the country, postal authorities or their agencies, associations, specialist publishers, as well as top-notch speeches by renowned experts... We make these three days at Sindelfingen a focal point of the philatelic scene and expect again thousands of collectors and enthusiasts.”

Awaiting visitors is a wide spectrum of collectibles including: stamps, vouchers, postal stationery, postcards and letters at different price ranges. Experts in the "heart of Philately" offer collective expertise and intensive counseling for experience as a future collector.
Martina Kaiser says, “Here 'Landesverband Südwestdeutscher Briefmarkensammler', 'Bundesverband des Deutschen Briefmarkenhandels', 'Bund Deutscher Philatelisten' as well as other clubs and associations are available to the public with all their knowledge .”

The 32nd “Internationale Briefmarken-Börse” is a must for stamp fans, and thanks to its extensive range, is the perfect opportunity with qualified advice to suit personal needs for those interested in starting their very own collection of “little securities”.

All the information for “Internationalen Briefmarken-Börse” 2014 you'll findhere