Contemporary Art in the Metropolitan Region of Stuttgart

12 June, 2015

In the past, contemporary art has already been represented at Messe Sindelfingen as a part of the fair "Antik & Kunst" ("Antique & Art"). Now their "child" has grown. Together with ARTe 2016, Messe Sindelfingen has established a completely new fair format and the first independent contemporary art fair in the metropolitan region of Stuttgart.

Messe Sindelfingen has Established an Independent Fair

Exciting, up and coming, and energetic. This should be a creative showcase for the artistic work of the region. With ARTe 2016, from 14-17 January 2016, on 3000m² of exhibition space, Messe Sindelfingen will offer a wide spectrum of fine contemporary art. Taken from the former fair "Antik & Kunst", and designed as a completely new fair format, it will be the first independent contemporary art fair established in the metropolitan region of Stuttgart.

Andreas Kerstan, from Backnangzoom

For the design and implementation of the new art fair, the fair organizers have a both equally creative and experienced person brought on board, Andreas Kerstan. As gallery owner and artist of Backnang, he is entrusted with the creative as well as the content related responsibility for ARTe 2016.

New Presentation Form

Kerstan will make a visit to the creative experience of ARTe himself. "We get away from conventional ideas," he says, "and have planned open aesthetically coordinated presentation areas with each other, that devote an inspiring complete artwork synergy together with separate display spaces showing sculptures." In addition, there will be appealing culinary options, soothing relaxation areas, and a professional packing service that will make the art experience for visitors perfect.

Regional and More...

Galleries and artists from the region are especially invited, whether they belong to the established canon or rather to the up and coming aspiring locale. "We already have confirmation from renowned galleries such as 'Galerie Villa Nepperberg', 'Sarah Haberkern from Stuttgart', and 'Kunsthause Galerie' in Pforzheim," reports Andreas Kerstan. "With participation from 'Grafe art.concept' from Berlin, for example, the circle of reach goes well beyond the surrounding area of Stuttgart." Independent artists are also welcome at ARTe, but must ask a jury consisting of three renowned artists: Joey Schmidt-Muller from Basel, Reinhard Grimm from Berlin, and the famous painter Marc C. Woehr from Stuttgart. In addition to critiquing, they will sift through the submitted applications themselves.

Organization and Talented People in the Pavilion

However it's not only the work of well-established, professional artists, that make up the artistic life within the region, but the creations of still in training talented students, and self-taught working artists, that Kerstan will present to visitors as a part of the local art scene in ARTe. Presentation areas have been specifically created for this group in the spacious pavilion at Messe Sindelfingen, where regional art associations and schools have self-judged their chosen exhibits to be displayed as well.


Beyond that, ARTe 2016 has launched a charity campaign called "Art4Kids", which is a charity fundraiser to make art therapy possible for children through the sales of works of art from participating artists, galleries and other exhibitors at ARTe. In 2016, ARTe is cooperating with the Stuttgart child protection agency, which will use the funds raised for therapeutic art measures for children that come from separated and divorced families.

ARTe 2016 will take place from 14 to 17 January 2016 in Messe Sindelfingen alongside "Antique & Kunst 2016". Galleries, artists, association, and schools can apply to be exhibitors at Messe Sindelfingen or to Andreas Kerstan. The jury-accepted applicants who submit their documents before 30 June 2015 will receive an early bird 10% off discount.

For all the information about ARTe 2016 click here.